The laid back approach of Republicans In Public Office

2020 has opened the eyes of many in this country as to the character, intentions , their forth wright desire to make life better for those they serve or if we are suppose to serve them and make sure they gain whatever they want. This blatant willingness to serve self did not start this year when the Republican Party Made it clear that they will follow Trump and his jester no matter the cost of you , your family, your neighbors , or your Country may suffer.# How much more suffering can you take from a Republican elected official?

The citizens of America has began to protest on the unjust pain and suffering caused by lack of action by elected Republicans chosen to carry out the will of the American People only to see it is the will of what will benefit only their friends and family. When A Republican Leader of the Senate will publicly state he will do everything in his power to reject policies formed by a Black President and uphold and stay silent to a White President that openly defies the Constitution and make mockery of our founding fathers.# How much more lying and stealing of your rights can you take from a Republican elected official?

Americans all across the country has put their lives in danger during this pandemic to voice there unrest of this wide stretched unjust and lacking of Republicans to speak out and attempt to correct and address these concerns of Americans they choose to hide behind the cloak of their position. The American woes are another figment of their King’s fake news. America is not just you,  we the people built it and we the people will not let you or your King Trump destroy or minimalize . 

#We are America, We are The United States!!!

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