Protect Yourself , Family , And Friends

I have spent the past few months observing the rules laid down by our state and local officials on how to protect myself and others during this pandemic. The social isolation is eased through the use of modern technology yet I feel the need to be in group setting . I am human and it is an instinct that drives me to social interaction with others of my species. I am a provider for my family and I need to maintain work or a means to work to sustain the needs of that family. I am a friend , and obligated not to expose them to unknown dangers.

Most importantly to me is that I am a proud Black Man , A man of color in which this pandemic effects harder and deadlier than others in America. The effects of this pandemic on me is not because of it’s nature but nature of which people of Color have been denied the basic health care of the richest Nation on Earth and the 1% of those who hold all the wealth. I have been harden to survive from the 400 years of cruelty that has been forced on me due to the color of my skin. Protect yourself, your family, and your friends as this too will end and we all will be standing at the end.

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