Juneteenth my recognition

A day of rejoice for a freed people Galveston Texas to hear the news of emancipation Although their actual freedom had happened two years earlier the news of freedom was the answer to their prayers as well as the prayers of those before them. A new beginning can be had as a Man & Woman without the tag of proberty of. The feeling of being able to raise a family without the fear of your love one being taken away and sold to satisfy the needs of those already earning from the labor of your work. The joy of freedom is precious , the mental rewards are relaxing but fear of tomorrow always stay within their minds.
I give my thanks for those who endured an extra two years not because they were not free but because they were kept in the dark about their freedom. It stresses the point to me that freedom can be withheld even if you are free. Today I am considered a Free Black Man yet the application of the laws in society makes me less than free.
I hold my head up high because of the pain and suffering of my fore-fathers and stories of hope of my grandparents and parents that guided my through the traps and thought me how to keep the fight for freedom going.

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