A Natchez Resident speaks

Juneteenth has been a very lazy laid back day of me contemplating the meaning and the impact this day (Juneteenth) has had on life. I can’t recall how many years I’ve celebrated it but for some reason the meaning has become amplified. The call for unity and understanding in in this city has began to show it’s face in all aspects of our life.
I spoke with a young man who is a resident to get his opinion of the situation at tent for the election of Dan Gibson. In his words “You have to build a team of concerned citizens who share the idea of growth of all citizens to move forward” . These are powerfull words and much more harder to achieve than to speak them. In continuing my conversation with him I was becoming more and more impressed with his vision and outlook of the community he and I love. His final words to me was ” I am just a steward to the people of this community here to serve in a responsible and beneficial way to all”.
This gives me hope has well tell me that I as an individual should not speak but do. My actions are not sidelined but in full play when it comes to building a unified community.

(words of Brian Marvel local Natchez Citizen )

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