With the opening of Americas economy we the people are left to deal with more suffering and death in the name of creating more wealth for the top 1% earners of this country. We have a President who has made a mockery of our constitution , Place our justice system in the hands of a what ever to please idiot ,and completely given in to the prospect of Russia walking in through the front door. I am disgusted with our Senate with the lack of Leadership that was given to them by the people to stand up and fight for us but their simple minded will to gain favor with a man that that has trashed everything we as Americans have been working toward.
The lack of concern being shown by the current administration has shown Americans what their lives are worth. How much more suffering will we we take before all elected officials began to value their citizens as servants and not their duty to serve . It is my belief that we are at the start of a purge that will spot Americas Reputation around the world and all citizens will become the butt of the civilized world.
# wake up America build your dreams from the strength of togetherness.

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