Beauty From The Motherland

While contemplating the events of the week my thoughts took me back to the wisdoms placed within me through my early childhood. My parents always stressed first the importance of the roll that God plays in my life, the the roll in which they play in my becoming a viable and productive individual ,and thirdly the need for me to know where I came from to get to where I want to go. These three values have some how stuck with me as I am now realizing more and more that they have steered me through the years. I feel honored that have been given the gift of stories my parents , and grandparents passed on to me in real time for now I do understand why.

For a lot of us Black Folk the connection to the past was not thought of until the great mini series Roots was aired. The most power-full statement in the movie for me was it’s opening with the father of Kunta Kinte holding his new born son up to the heavens and saying “BEHOLD THE ONLY THING GREATER THAN YOURSELF” . That action left me with the understanding that God is the overseer of life and the only one that is greater than myself. But , just like Kunta, life has it’s many challenges and it is up to my faith and teachings of the elders to guide me through them. The teaching of the elders has kept us from extinction in America for over four hundred years when we were stolen away from the Mother Country and brought to a strange land as property to be trained to build and produce wealth and prosperity for a thief with no heart. The timber chopped , the roads and mansions built , even the wars fought with the stolen blood of our ancestors and now us are now coming to the forefront as we gain and continue to stride on the gifts and beauty of the Mother Land.

Your knowledge and skills can never be Hidden as the BEAUTY OF THE MOTHERLAND LIVES WITHIN YOUR SOUL.

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