Bean Sale-mans In Chief


While most American families are ready for our schools to open we find ourselves caught in one hell of a hard spot this year. A deadly pandemic has grabbed this country and draining the life of our citizens as we blindly sit back and twist our thumbs and dream about the party we should be having for beating something that has actually just started to gain steam. The word of the scientist that we look for to help us through this has been taken over by a comic push man we call the President use our sacred office to plug Beans . When I saw this photo , the first thing to cross my mind was here is a man that says he love America yet he has dropped all the responsibility of seeing that our children get to school safely and earn the education they deserve . Instead of assuring parents and care givers of school age children that when our children enter schools this fall they will be safe he chooses to threaten to take away funding and place the burden on us for fighting any fall out. Not only that he has taken control of the data being sent to the centers of disease to release more lies on what is actually happening in our country with this pandemic.
We as God fearing Americans must put a stop to foolishness in the White House and take care of our children. Call your local school boards and get a detailed plan that mirrors the situation in your community. Schedule a visit to the school itself before opening to see the setting you are sending your child into. Set up decontamination zone in entrance to your home for after school proto-call. If possible set up a connected learning room for child to use for distance learning as a backup. Make our employer aware of risk and find out if they are going to have a different proto-call in case of emergency. Update all your insurances and stock up on all food staples because if this backfire your entire family can be ill at the same time. Most of all Do NOT Expect Help From Your Government as The President is too busy trying to Sale Beans . The education of our children is very important to us , but the health and well being of them are more in creating a future and better America.
Good luck parents , Make wise decisions for your family. You are not beholding to the President but you do owe your family the chance to have a better future.

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