Remembering A Legend And Continuing His Work

Before I can began writing this article I must send my deepest condolences to the family of John Lewis. I personally thank you for the journey you have walked in supporting and feeling the pain of caring for a man who refused to faltering when it came advancing a people in a confused society.
John Lewis was a man with the passion of uplifting and leading people into helping themselves. He truly followed the non-violent path of his friend Dr. Martin Luther King and helped spear head the activation of young people involvement of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60″s in Mississippi. Here in my home city of Natchez Mississippi stories of his and those that followed him are still being told at the NAPAC Museum. On his visit there he praised us on the work we had done on keeping the history and culture of Black People in the area alive and truth-full. Lets all follow his spirit and fight in Making America an Equal and Just society for all her Citizens.
#a strong fight never ends one battle .

Rest in Peace John Lewis it’s time to see the young you taught continue to the end!!!

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