Appreciating A keeper and Teacher of African American Culture

Growing up in Natchez during the 50’s and 60″s in Natchez Ms. has been a challenge in understanding and a lack of knowledge of the truth. It wasn’t until I learned of the teaching and brining forward of the true not told stories of Natchez History through the lens of ser seshs ab heter-boxley . It was through his tireless and unwavering efforts of researching and bringing to the community the stories of the struggle to be free and equal , not just based on the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s but of the period of arrival as Slaves , The Civil War, Reconstruction , and most of all the impact those untold stories have on us today . Knowing more now of community history has given me a deeper appreciation of the family history that I have uncovered and led me to continue to look deeper into what we African Americans have done for the growth and success of this City through great suffering and personal sacrifice. I thank you for the Black And Blue Celebration, I Thank you for the Friends Of The Forks of The Road , I thank you for the lectures you give our youths, and yes I thank you for sharing your work and yourself to our community in the spirit of knowledge and the Wisdom of the Elders from which we came.
Today is tomorrow’s history !!!!What you do for your community now will be remembered or forgotten as it was yesterday when it was done and have no impact on what is today.

Continue to Teach and research as your Service to our community makes an impact today and live on until tomorrow.

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