Navigating Through This Pandemic

Never did I ever think that I would be living in such uncertain times. The affects of this pandemic has really had an effect on my life that has brought light on all those things that I have taken for granted over the years. The ability to go to school safely, the ability to go work , the ability to be with friends in a social setting . These things are now are not the normal anymore . We have strong decisions on whether it is safe to send our children to school , we wear protective equipment to work, we mask and distance in public. The very threat of whether or not our we remain healthy enough to maintain a job is constantly nagging us. These few things and more has shown me the importance of not becoming complacent ever as things change daily and it is up to me to be prepared to maintain a steady footing under any condition. Being able to read, think, and use the tools that I have ( not those that someone else have) to navigate the waters to success.
I’ve seen the small mom and pop store shift to curb side and and out side delivery, enabling them to continue to support their families as well as their employees and their. I’ve seen the small gift shop put up a web page and sale their wares online . I’ve seen the use of face book increase as the demand for more social distance increase. The generosity of the have, giving to the needy, as well as the having clinching their fist and punching the trying to make it get what they have accomplished . Yes this pandemic has made a lasting impression on me. Not because of all the death and sorrow it has led to, but of all the flaws of humanity and what they can do.
Now is a time that each of us learn to use our most given asset to began producing sustainable income from sharing with our friends and family the way to earn without spending a dime. Leveraging the earning of the big company. You become the amazon of tomorrow without spending a dime on product. take care of yourself during this crisis while building a future for your family. Let the big company do the work and you just let others know they exist. Only you can make the decision to invest something that will better your life in the future invest in this pandemic stress relief it is free.
This is my private venture and I feel it is worth looking into . The value of the worth of this is being a part not selling .

those interested can find me in my private room after 8pm daily. Bobby’s meeting Room

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