Looking Forward To A Better Tomorrow

Dealing with the constant changes of the world today I sometimes find myself straying from the values that have brought me this far in life. Remembering the the promises of God who has never abandon me and staying true to values that was taught to me by my elders of treating everyone with the respect that I would love to receive. These small things that confront me daily slip my mind because I am driven by things that I feel I need to do now : being in the mainstream of the events , the thinking , and the rush to be accepted as being part of the going fad of the community at the time and after all of this tomorrow has a different fad with new ideas and ways to get there.
It was a couple nights ago I was in a zoom meeting with friends that an American Somoan reminded me of how easily we can conquer our challenges by remembering the core values that guide us through life from our elders. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the ball cap with the word KUZAN inscribed across the top. This man , James Katina , brought to mind the great Southern Flight of Blacks from the south when we were reminded that anywhere we travel we are sure to find a Cousin. A call to unity and support , A call for reaching back and help one other help themselves , a call to building a solid community letting all know that there is someone there that will pick you up and carry you until you can do for yourself. Now you may think this was by accident but the number of American Somoans that were there was tremendous and all he was doing was giving them the means to better themselves and their families here in America. Yep COUSIN something we have laid behind us in not teaching our children the value of one helping one which builds a healthy community. You can do a search for James Katina and most of you music fans will know him from the Katina’s Band. I know him from being a mentor and top Amazon seller.
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