Personal Challenge, Personal Gains Part1 (STEPPING OUT ON FAITH)

The race to make money online has been a on going challenge. It begins with a dream and most likely goes out with with a large sigh of disappointment . For myself , I have been chasing that dream for a long time and have learned many lessons along the way. Now I am sharing the journey with those of you that would like to follow the process from start to finish , you will actually get a chance to see success or failure as well as learn and analyze the mistakes I make on this journey . Keep in mind that this is a real time journey and based solely on my actions and is not an endorsement of anything but an inside look of the experience without you taking the risk.
THE PRODUCT: Selecting a product or service was my first step and in this case I have select trunited This product is not something I have to stock, sale or advertise because it is something used by millions and actually sold on Amazon. The real product is actually me using the power of leveraging a product that is being stored and already sold by a major distribution company. This boils down to me selling me and the path to learning to use myself instincts and getting a start. That’s it the rest falls on my shoulders as what and how much of myself can I give.
GETTING STARTED: The first move I made here was to research the legality of this . Due diligence a must in this world . This was done through domain registration check, than a company history check, and lastly a look into the background of the owners as the website is in a new development stage . This project alone took me week to feel secure enough to go further into the background and looking for advertisements to get a general idea of what the membership was like. Now I am comfortable and understand the process and what the company can do to advance my ambitions of earning from it.
HERE WE GO : After doing my part I am ready to start and test Start date July 15 . There is no money needed to join this program and I can see that you can earn simply by recruiting others but how can I recruit without knowing it works or pays so I have made the purchase of one product to see if they pay. The product arrive in three days and I am happy with it so I wait untill the end of the month and see what happens . Today is August 2 and I see the process of me earning for my participating is becoming a reality. Just remember I just started and a update will be done net week.

Lets see if I fail or win trying Trunited

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