The Oldest city on the Mississippi, full of beautiful scenery, a city that can hold and spin a tale that will keep people talking for years. With one of the largest concentrations of well preserved anti-bellum homes in the country , Natchez has become a hot spot for tourist from all over the world. They marvel at the preservation of the past and dream of what life was for those occupants and designers of such marvelous structures . A simple stroll down the river walk can take ones imagination into times of Jim Bowie and his famous sandbar fight , Mark Twain and his excursion on a riverboat flowing gently down the great Mississippi . Yes preserving the the beauty of Natchez leads to bringing out the imagination of visitors and excite the will of want to be visitors to pack their bags and come on down.
Lets talk about preserving the untold stories of the City Of Natchez . The story of the people that laid the bricks, cut the trees, actually built the houses. How did they live and what did they live in? Where did they come from and what type of family? The Story and cost of Human lives that made preserving what you see today and actually keeping it tact. The story of the unknown Free Black that lead the the Natchez Indians into the first revolt against the French because of cruelty and unjust practices when establishing Fort Rosalie. The story of Ibrahima the slave that was a African Prince that was kept as a Slave because of his educational value as well as his ability to keep other slaves under control. The story of John Roy Lynch a self taught slave that latter became an elected politician in Mississippi Government . The story of how Black men , women, and children were unlawfully arrested for wanting to march for their rights to vote and be participants in bettering the City of Natchez. The untold stories of the people that built Natchez , their pain, their suffering , their struggles to gain access to they very thing they built for the Elite to build for themselves and their families.
The preservation of these untold stories and many more are needed in the preservation of Natchez as well as the future of Natchez. To better understand the truths of the past increase the chances of not repeating the mistakes and moving toward a better and greater community for tomorrow. To educate and preserve the History of African Americans in our community gives our children pride in knowing where they came from and a dedication to advancing the struggles of obtaining equal value for the contributions they make in preserving the works that was performed before them and the works they can perform for the next generation to see and enjoy.
We the Board of NAPAC Museum remain dedicated to telling these untold stories to the world . African Americans in Natchez the oldest city on the Mississippi played an important role in the building of this city and their stories need to be told truthfully and honestly. Please pledge your support by donating any amount you can to NAPAC museum at PO box 1844 Natchez Ms 39120 we are a 501c3 non-profit .

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