In this on going challenge to show that anyone can earn from a simple mlm program I am seriously challenged . Going into week 3 I have 2 more recruits with one asking for an explanation but never have time to learn. It makes you wonder the motives of people you reach are true or are they there to try actually trying to scar your reputation. I personally do not care about the personal motivation but the understanding of building wealth at a level anyone can afford. My personal reputation will rely on me and me alone as one that tell the truth and give decision to make by proven fact.

The Monday meetings has increased in growth as well as the membership  The number of members reporting growth has expanded as the number of those in the Memphis and Nashville markets has increased. As of today I am  the Mississippi  market and proud to be the founder for I know we need to be able to help ourselves and not just those who have but those who have not . We have entered a stage in our lives where the protection of family is crucial and building a financial stability is one part . continue to read the web site info and contact me we you can.


contact me at  :

I am there at 8:00 pm nightly

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