Poor Mans Comfort

The struggle to survive and provide has always been the path to climb to the top of society through the eyes of a poor man. The ability to control the struggle and the path of those that are below the the top is the end gain of those that have made it to the top. The poor mans comfort is knowing that his struggle is not in vain as those that achieve the goal of reaching the top will forget those things that brought them there. The poor mans comfort is knowing that those who have achieved it will began to waste it and abuse it. A poor mans comfort is rooted in his faith that his struggle will prevail and propel him one step closer to the top. A poor mans comfort is his recognition of the value of his talents and the ability to use them for his advancement .

A poor mans comfort is that one day he will make it to top and and share his experience with another poor man .  Feel and have empathy with with another poor man trying to achieve what he has managed to achieve . Give that which he considers overflow or not usable by them anymore  to another that is struggling . A poor mans comfort is that once he has made it to the top he has recognized that others are not less than but just like him , seeking and trying to reach that goal of being of being on top with the ability to help another.

#we all have special talents use them

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