Covid -19 Is Still King

After living through a life changing election that has left my United States of America as divided more than I have ever seen in my lifetime , covid-19 is still King . After making all the personal sacrifices over the past 10 months covid-19 is still king . After listening to a President constantly saying oh the virus is just going to go away, just continue to do what I do and forget about the warnings of your top scientist covid-19 is still king. After seeing the President get this virus and then openly assisting in it’s spread among his family , close associates , and most importantly his supporters who he himself says he love and appreciate covid-19 is still king .

The deliberate will of a President to excite a Nation into believing he alone is the is the supreme controller of what is best for country and only he can solve the problems face us daily if only you don’t believe in what you see or know to be true but what he tell you is true. It is that his inability to tell the truth has left to the death of thousands of our citizens , the un-stability of our job market , the crushing of the American worker by allowing the the so call work them until they produce no more . Do they see if they don’t protect the worker there can be no work done done? With out guidelines and a well plan path of protection no industry will be able to sustain a well trained work force to survive. For every infected worker four more a created and soon poof. We all know you cannot make everyone in the country wear a mask but your sure can mandate it as part of a first line defense. We are free will Americans and deserve to know the truth about what challenges we face and we make our decisions from there.

Now that we have a new President Elect the future looks better than the past. The information we are receiving from the top is that we have choices to make that will control the way we beat this virus until a vaccine is available . A President Elect that is showing leadership and love for our country , Us , Americans . We may not agree with all his policies , but he will give it to us straight because he understand that Covid-19 is still King for the moment.

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