Preparing for a New Way To live

There are major changes taking place in the lives of all Americans today. The covid-19 virus has left us crippled financially , uncertain about our future , and most of all let us know that well being of our survival does not rely on our honesty but is given away by us to politicians whom we believed would help us in the pursuit of obtaining a better life for our family. Never , in my lifetime have I seen the suffering of our countrymen been so overlooked by an elected body sworn to serve we the people be abandoned to self serve and grow powerful to rule and force their will on the people.

The rise of the Republican Party with the cry of take your country back has become the silent but powerful message of give me your loyalty and I will take away all your freedoms and issue to you a new way of life in which I give and take the freedoms you have earned to freedoms I think you deserve. You work , you earn , you live at the level I see you helping me your elected leader see in your worth to my agenda. When you are sick , and down on your luck I will give you my way of getting well. While your family starve and become homeless I will stand out in front of you and throw a roll of paper towels so you can wipe your tears . If you work hard and make $100000 /year I will take the 75% to support my needs but still ask you for 10% to make sure I don’t go broke while I am teaching you to believe in me  and not what you see feel. Remember that I am Republican and free because I and I alone am entitled to rule and impose my will on you the people my servants and tenants because you elected me. You all love me because I show you that I can rule in a way that serve me well and keep your enemies and nightmares of what you dream of away while giving you the feel of empowerment through me , your Republican leader that can crush you with words, change laws that will remove your freedoms , and leave you and your families starving and begging on the streets while worshiping me on my most perfect ways.

Well election day has passed and Democrat won Yet the Republican Party refuse to let the will of the people take place in an orderly fashion. The words and will of their leaders spit out tales of wonder from their minds. The power of the people are split and covid pandemic is killing and wrecking the lives of all Americans. The distribution of the vaccine is being challenged as we know who controls that. The cry for support from the people lies in hands of the Republicans who would love to keep us the people in a weaken state as they decide what we deserve in the means of help. We the people , Democrats and Independents , understand suffering , understand the need to bring the people together and help each other to a way of life that gives us the freedom to support our families , help our neighbors , and work in jobs that allow us a wage to live just that life. Democrats and Independents understand the need to change and work for the good of all America, the need to franchise all it’s citizens into the life of Liberty and Justice for all.

The need to listen and learn . Open your mind to the fact that it takes all to make one . Respect the man or woman next to you. Reach out in your own way to lift the spirits of another that is having a bad day. Speak out against liars with truths. Remember all of those so called Republican Leaders that have tried and still trying to over throw your government into a one man rule and all powerful ruler. Do not let the deceit deflect you from true meaning of freedom always remembering that an elected official is there to serve not to rule.


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