In Recognition Of Black History Month

For Black America , February is a month set aside for us as a people to reflect , Celebrate , and measure our achievements and failures . The steps of our ancestors no matter how bold or weak they seem at the time taken , has an a lasting impact on society and lives today . We take this time to separate the Myth’s of those things written or recorded as true as well as those things that have been hidden and not spoken of in American History . The table talk of our parents and grand parents of the experiences they and their parents endured brings meaning into our lives as well as gives insight to how we approach our future . The wisdom of truth telling rather than changing what is really happening to fit desires of those who want to demean our value as a people.

In recognition of Black Of Black History History Month we celebrate the strength of our ancestors that were crammed on boats and through personal fortitude survived  the journey only to chained and abused by unappreciated settlers to gain their personal wealth . We celebrate the women that cared for households that treated them pets and toys for their children , yet had the strength to teach reading and writing to their fellow sufferers forced to work in the fields . We bring forward the stories of the Black Soldier who accomplishments are overlooked in the history of a struggling Nation. We celebrate the Civil Rights Pioneers that began the process of showing this Nation they we were people of value and not just something for their pleasure.

Black History month for us is not just limited to remembering but also a time to focus on the work that is ahead of us . The preservation of those things gained through the many years of oppression as well as the silent oppression that exist today . A time to educate our children , community , and the country that the inclusion and respect of all people leads to greatness of a  Nation for all of us has special talents and abilities that are needed to maintain sustainable government of the people by the people.

Never forget from whence you came , Never forget your dreams of what you can become , Never forget to truthfully share your thoughts to those around you.

Enjoy , share and teach your reality of Black in America !

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