In further research of the Devil’s Punch Bowl Natchez I checked the health records of the area for the time period of 1860-1865. These records did not reveal mass deaths from disease or any type of epidemic in the area. “Remember the first article ” thousands died from disease andContinue Reading

The struggle for freedom of the slave and the accomplishments of the colored troops of the United States Military whom gave their lives to further their cause is a story to be told. The Devils Punch Bowl Natchez has become one of those stories . A story of hope ,Continue Reading

My Constant has become a leader in building savings for the common man and especially the scrapped for building a financial future college graduate. I often wander where will I be financially now if My Constant was introduced to me early in life. Peer 2 peer investing wasn’t well knownContinue Reading

When you get up every morning do you ask your self why am in in hurry to make this day ? How many times do you wonder why did I make the decision to make the profession I am in now a path to a better future ? These areContinue Reading

It is with great pride that Midnightnews  launch it’s first shoe line to please it’s users. The design features colors of earth to excite and give the wearer the comfort of knowing they are alive and thriving in a fast moving society.  This is the first of the casual stylesContinue Reading

There are major changes taking place in the lives of all Americans today. The covid-19 virus has left us crippled financially , uncertain about our future , and most of all let us know that well being of our survival does not rely on our honesty but is given awayContinue Reading

When it comes down to personal finances I would imagine I was a little slow in getting started on learning the importance of investing for the future. While growing up in a struggling working class family I became focused on meeting only the needs of today without realizing the challengesContinue Reading